2022-2023 School Improvement Plan

2022-2023 School Improvement Plan
Posted on 02/16/2023

Westborough High School

Improvement Plan


The WHS Administration is pleased to present our 2022-2023 School Improvement Plan for review.  This plan was created with input from all stakeholders in collaboration with the WHS staff, students and families.  The areas for improvement that we have addressed are aligned to the District's Strategic Plan goals.  We are excited to put these goals into action in order to provide the best educational opportunities and experiences for our students, as well as value faculty and staff efforts.

Goal # 1: Curriculum, Instruction, & Assessments:

Create and refine curricula across all content areas that is challenging, purposeful, relevant, and supports every child’s growth, development, and learning


Continue to develop departmental process to review enacted and assessed curriculum

Provide time, resources, and Professional Development opportunity for staff to focus efforts on continuous improvement of instruction that are aligned with our high school and district’s goals

Goal # 2: Caring School Community & Connections

Embed strategies and inclusive practices inside and outside of classrooms and extracurricular activities that promote respect for differences, cultural proficiency, DBT skill development, mindfulness, and wellness 

Continue to provide opportunities for students to share feedback on important school matters; and, increase opportunities for families to do so 

Foster ways to encourage two-way communication that deepens the connections between staff, students, and families, as well as the greater community

Goal # 3: Technology:

Implement BYOD in ways that appropriately enhance students’ connections to curriculum, instruction, and assessments within classrooms, throughout the school community, and the world

Goal # 4: District Strategic Plan: Key Areas of Focus

Strategic Focus:


  • Green Initiatives:

    • Recycling and Composting

  • Technology Anchors:

    • Continued training course for new staff

    • Innovation 

    • Smartboard upgrades

  • Literacy PrK-12

  • DEI Focus

  • STEAM growth of work underway

    • Maker Spaces

    • Robotics in curriculum and clubs

  • Robust PD to support interests and goals

  • Departmental Curricular Goals

  • UDL Framework to support: inclusive practices, equity, differentiated challenge 

Strategic Focus:


  • Equity and anti bias mindset and practices

    • Continued work across several goals

      • PD

      • DEI team

      • Policy and practices & self learning

  • Connections and communication

  • Staff and student wellness

  • Hiring & building diverse strong teams

  • Family relationships

  • SEL