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From the Principal

From the Principal

Dear Parents & Guardians,

Happy Spring!

Our high school's curriculum is meticulously crafted to ensure that every student practices and achieves each of the school's 21st-century learning expectations outlined in our Program of Studies. Each department has its unique mission statement and set of learning expectations aligned with these standards.

Westborough High School’s 21st Century Learning Expectations include:

Academic Competencies 

Evaluate: Comprehend essential information, context, point of view, and meaning in a variety of media (fiction, non-fiction, film, music, internet sources) in different forms (print, performance, and digital forms).

Think and Solve: Identify and comprehend questions, issues, and problems through appropriate methodology and focused analysis; create solutions by applying previous knowledge, logical reasoning, and creative thought.

Communicate: Share authentic ideas. Writing follows a defined format, style, and structure to its purpose. Speaking/Presenting demonstrates proper tone, volume, and understanding of purpose. Creative products are purposeful, high quality, and effective.

Personal/Social Competencies

Stand Up: As members of our community, students shall accept personal responsibility for completing tasks by deadlines, with authentic effort; be accountable for behavior, actions, and products, and practice self-reflection.

Civic Competencies

Good Citizenship: Students at Westborough High School are members of a community who work together toward a greater good. To that end, respectful behavior and upstanding character are ongoing expectations. In order to participate in all WHS offerings, including athletics and extracurricular activities, students must meet the written and implied expectations of our school community and culture. 

Contribute: Engage in school and community activities to improve our school, local community, nation, and the world.


Brian M. Callaghan

WHS Principal

Brian Callaghan

Brian Callaghan