WHS Summer Reading 2019

WHS Summer Reading 2019
Posted on 06/10/2019

Hello Students! Summer is almost here and it's time to select a great book to read for our WHS Summer Reading Program! Summer Reading books have been chosen with a collaboration of students and teachers to offer a wide variety of choice - there are plenty of books on the list.  All students are required to choose a book from the Summer Reading 2019 List. Students are expected to read their choice book, from the provided list, over the summer.  


There will be posters in classrooms with a QR code and a link to allow students to sign up easily.  Students can also sign up by visiting the WHS Library Media website. Bulletin boards will be made near the library and the third floor with posters that have QR codes for each book on the list. This will allow students to quickly see the summary of the choice books.


Students should sign up by June 20th. SUMMER READING SIGNUP