Principal Message

Dear WHS Community,

Without question, the pandemic has made all of our lives more difficult and has significantly changed the high school experience in many ways, especially being unable to make the most of opportunities for socializing that are part of that enjoyable experience. With the arrival of nice weather, the interest in gatherings and rejoining activities is increasing.

The transmission rate in the community outside of the school compared to the transmission rate in school shows us our procedures are effective. The school-based data and evidence is clear: wearing masks properly, staying home when sick (even if you think it is just a cough or head cold), washing hands often, and physically distancing when possible slows the spread of COVID. Westborough High School has not had confirmed cases of in-school spread. The number one thing that can cause an increase in quarantining and loss of school activities is behavior outside of school. You as students and as parents can help with this by encouraging students to follow recommended procedures when engaging in activities outside of school.

We need and expect every member of the WHS community to follow the health guidelines to the highest standard – something most of you have been doing, for which we thank you. And we expect parents and guardians to hold their children to those standards. We remain in a public health emergency and all of us must continue to be vigilant.

To avoid an increase in quarantining and the loss of activities that can occur please discuss as a family how to stay safe:

  • Avoid indoor gatherings and opt for outdoor, distanced visits.

  • When socializing outdoors keep that 6-foot large circle or quarantines will occur during contact tracing even if you are outside. This is part of CDC guidelines and if you are sitting outside with a group of friends for an extended time while sitting too close, you can spread Covid.

  • Wear masks when traveling in cars with non-family members. Keep windows open and avoid carpooling to activities.

  • Mask up at activities and sports groups such as club teams

  • Remember that many young people are asymptomatic and even friends in small groups can start a large quarantining cycle.

  • Get vaccinated as soon as the state makes it available to you

If your child has to go into quarantine as a result of testing positive for Covid and is healthy to keep up with their learning, or being deemed a close contact, they must reach out via email to all their teachers in order to assist them in keeping the learning moving forward.

We are a caring community, and the understandable impulse that makes it tempting to take part in a gathering among friends should be the same impulse that makes us stop and consider the consequences and impact of our actions on the community we care about. Again, most students are doing so, despite the pandemic fatigue we all feel.

Please stay safe, be considerate and remember the five W’s: Wear a mask. Wash your hands. Watch your distance. Wipe down articles or machines. We are Westborough.


Brian M. Callaghan