EDPuzzle Overview

What is EDPuzzle?

EDpuzzle is an excellent online tool that enables teachers to create or modify videos to ensure a more engaging learning experience for their students. Teachers have the ability to choose, crop, and modify videos by adding voice memos (recorded by you, the teacher!) and quiz questions. Students are prevented from skipping the video and analytics are collected and are available to the teacher. Scroll down to learn the specifics of how to create an EDpuzzle video.   Video Tutorial

Who can use EDPuzzle?

EDpuzzle should be used by any and all educators! Teachers can create accounts for free using an existing email address. Sign-up is easy and videos are ready at your fingertips to be used in your classroom!

Why use EDPuzzle?

Teachers should use EDpuzzle to make learning more interesting and exciting for their students. Instead of simply assigning a video and notes as part of a Flipped Classroom assignment, add interactivity to your at home lesson! You get the benefits of the Flipped Classroom as well as an enhanced video watching experience for the students! Check out the following links to hear what others have to say about EDpuzzle:


  • successfully navigate EDpuzzle's website with a full understanding of all of its features and tools

  • fully understand the importance of the Flipped Classroom and how EDpuzzle is an asset to this mode of instruction

  • professionally construct an EDpuzzle video on the topic of their choice for usage in their classroom

Prerequisite Skills:

  • have an existing email account (for usage as sign-in)

  • possess a basic understanding of how the Flipped Classroom works

  • practice using YouTube and other video housing websites (i.e. navigate to find useful videos, bookmark them for use, etc.)

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