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SENIORS: Come October of your graduation year, all graduated student WestboroughK12 Google accounts will be locked and disabled. Because of this, it’s crucial you follow these steps to transfer any content in your Google Drive that you may want to keep in a separate account. 



  • Make personal copies of documents shared with you that you wish to keep. If the original owner’s account is deactivated YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO ACCESS THESE FILES
  • It may be a good idea to create a new “legacy” google account in order to transfer your documents so you don’t fill up your main personal account with extra documents and emails. Maybe try something like “legacy.(lastname)”
  • Do some housekeeping in your school account before you start to transfer, delete some unwanted documents/emails. The less information you need to transfer, the faster it will be

    Getting Started
  • Go to your Google Drive and ensure you are logged into your Westboroughk12 student account
  • Click on your profile picture in the top right corner of your Google Drive
  • Select GOOGLE ACCOUNT, this will open a new account page
  • Select the DATA AND PERSONALIZATION option (usually on the left side of the screen)
  • Find the TRANSFER YOUR CONTENT module and click START TRANSFER

    Destination Accounts
    Your content must be transferred to a personal Google Account. You can use any Google email as your personal destination. Make sure you have access to the account as you’ll need to verify it belongs to you.
  • Enter the email address of your selected destination account
  • Click SEND CODE to send a verification email to your destination account
  • Open your inbox connected to your selected destination account
  • Find the email titled VERIFY YOUR ACCOUNT and select the GET CONFIRMATION CODE button
  • You will receive your confirmation code in a new page (this code will only last 24 hours before you’ll have to repeat the process)
  • Return to your TRANSFER YOUR CONTENT page
  • Enter your verification code and select NEXT

    Select Your Content
    You will then be prompted to select what content you wish to transfer. You can transfer all Google Drive files and all Emails saved to your student account. Unfortunately you must transfer every single Drive file to your personal account, you can’t choose individual files to transfer.

    Once you select your options, click START TRANSFER and you’re done! Your files will be in this new account, which may take up to a week to finish transferring depending on the amount of files. Google will email your student account once your files are done transferring.