Library Policies

                                Library Media Center (LMC) Policies

When is the LMC open?
The LMC is open during school hours each day; before school and after school.
Hours are as follows:
Monday-Thursday: 7:15 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
Friday: 7:15 a.m. - 2:50 p.m.
Is there a limit to how many items I may check out?
Students may check out as many items as they would like to be responsible for.  Students may be asked to limit checkouts due to class research projects.

How long can I keep the items that I check out?
Books in the regular collection may be checked out for 3 weeks and items are renewable. Reference materials are available for overnight checkout at the end of each day and should be returned the next day before school.
There are no fines on overdue materials. Lost books should be replaced, please see Library staff. 

Please note: if you need to have an item for longer than the usual 3 weeks (for a project or assignment), please let the Library Staff know and the date will be adjusted to match the due date of your assignment.
What if the LMC doesn't have what I need?
Interlibrary Loan Service is available. In most cases, we can locate what you need and place the request. Speak with the Library Staff for help with this or place a request through the WHS Library website.
Where do I return LMC materials?
Items may be returned in the return drop box at the Circulation desk.
How can I get permission to visit the LMC?
Students may visit the Library Media Center during school hours with passes from teachers. Permission to use the media center for extended periods of time should be arranged between the student and the media center staff or teachers. The library is also open daily before school, after school, during break and lunch.
Do I need a library card to check out materials from the LMC?
Students may use their student ID to check out materials. It is not required for checkout but will make the checkout process easier.
LMC Etiquette?
It is expected that an atmosphere will be maintained in the Library Media Center that makes it possible for all students and staff visiting to be productive. Please be respectful of others in the LMC. Internet AUP forms must be on file and you need to have an educational purpose for using the internet. All students must abide by the district's acceptable use policy. If you experience problems or have questions please ask for help.
In an effort to conserve resources, before printing to the LMC printers; please STOP, THINK and then PRINT if necessary.