Visual Arts

Visual Art:

Visual Art is an important aspect of every child’s education in all of the Westborough Schools.  Children in grades K-7 receive a weekly art lesson that is based on the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks.  Children will learn how to create visual art using variety of media including: painting, drawing, sculpture, and ceramics.  Children will utilize observational skills while learning how to develop an artist’s eye and hand.

Students in grades 9-12 have the opportunity to become proficient in the visual arts through electing a sequential art curriculum that helps prepare students for opportunities in college and career.  

Please click on the links below to access each course's curriculum. 

K-8 Visual Arts Courses:

 Kindergarten Art  5th Grade Art
 1st Grade Art  6th Grade Art
 2nd Grade Art  7th Grade Art
 3rd Grade Art  8th Grade Art
 4th Grade Art  

Visual Arts Course Offerings at WHS: 

2D Art Foundations
3D Art Foundations
3D Design
3D Advanced Placement Design Portfolio 
2D Advanced Placement Studio Art
Digital Photography I
Digital Photography II
Drawing I 
Drawing II
Graphic Design
Mixed-Media Painting
Pottery I
Pottery II
Pottery III/IV