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Our server space is at a critical low and students are beginning to have saving issues to our server. 

Please check your project and department folders and delete or move to the Google Drive or another back-up device any semester 1 files you would like to keep to make room for additional files on our server.

Once deleting files be sure to open and empty your Recycle Bin. It is important for freeing up server space.

Please  ask students to open and empty their Recycle Bin when they are on the computers. We have many students who have files in the recycle bin taking up precious space on the server.


Posted by MasciarelliAnd On 25 February, 2016 at 11:57 AM  8 Comments

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Open the reuse container from your work area or inside Windows Explorer. On the off chance that you haven't exhausted the reuse receptacle since the record was erased (and you didn't hold down the Shift key while erasing it), the document should, in any case, be found in the reuse container. Right-tap on the document you need to recuperate and pick the "Reestablish" choice; the record will be recouped to the area from which it was erased.  
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Yeah absolutely right! Technical support executive solves this issue better than remove or move other data saving server.  
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Add location to Preferences. The Recycle Bin will now seem like a symbol under your Windows Explorer Preferences tree link.   
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This is the best reminder you could have shared here, Masciare. A lot of my friends who work with me at the office don't know about this tip. This tip helped me them out massively and they are grateful to you for sharing this here.   
asdas as (Guest) said On 30 March, 2018 at 9:28 AM
have saving issues to our server.   
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