2020 Late Bus Information and Sign Up

To Gibbons and High School students,

We are happy to announce that our traditional Late Bus service will be available soon. There will, however, be some significant changes to this program due to safety regulations surrounding Covid-19 and school buses. These are important changes that are being implemented for the safety of students and drivers. 

One of the biggest changes from previous years is that students will need to sign up for the Late Bus two days in advance and secondly the number of seats that we will be able to offer will be limited. Similar to our school day drop off and pick up, our Late Bus capacity will be 21 passengers, with one student per seat. Students will complete a Google form, located on each school’s web page, to pre-register for Late Bus service. This will be a first come first serve as the capacity for each Bus is limited.

Tuesday Late Bus Sign Up
Wednesday Late Bus Sign Up
Thursday Late Bus Sign Up

Unfortunately, students who do not pre-register for a Late Bus using the school website will not be allowed to ride the Late Bus. As in the past the Late Buses will be running after school on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays and as mentioned earlier you will need to register two days prior to taking the late bus. 

Upon entering the bus, you will give the bus driver your name and address, they will check you off the detailed trip list and you will sit in the next available seat loading back to front.  Additionally:

  • Each student will wear a facemask at all times.

  • Students will sit back to front when entering the bus.

  • One student per seat, siblings may sit together in one seat.

  • Once seated the student cannot switch seats.

Please send an email with any questions or concerns.


Cindy Crowley

Transportation Coordinator

Westborough Public Schools