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Mr. CallaghanDear WHS School Community: 

The year seems like it’s off to a pretty smooth start. Of particular note, the relationships being formed between teachers and students have been happening quickly and thoughtfully. Developing solid connections with students is the real difference-maker: they can show students how passionate teachers are about their job and content area; and, it strengthens the opportunities for students to grow, develop, and learn in meaningful ways.  Building relationships between teachers and students, and additionally with the content and skills to be learned, is critical to students achieving success.

Let us all support every child to engage in the learning process, and to communicate early on with their teachers if there any questions or concerns that arise.  To this end, please take the time to review our school community’s beliefs and protocol around reporting academic progress online and communicating with staff.

Thanks again for your cooperation and support.  Enjoy this season of autumn.

Best Wishes,

Mr. Brian M. Callaghan


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